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По Будапешту маленькой компанией

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Студенты против закрытия университета
герань на окне

"Our struggle is part of the fight for the soul of Hungary. When the attack on CEU started in 2017, Hungarian society stood in solidarity with the CEU community. Now, it is time for the CEU community to stand in solidarity with Hungarian society.”



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Во, лозунг справа понял! :)))

У них есть шанс?

Думаю, есть. Началась-то история весной 2017-го. То, что до сих пор университет работал, думаю, - результат противодействия общества.
Строго говоря, сейчас речь идет уже не о закрытии, а о перемещении в Вену (что тоже плохо, конечно).

Молодцы, ребята!

А у нас парк отстояли, в который хотели ТРК втюхать!

Начинаю верить Кате Шульман )))

Похоже, не получилось. Увы.

Arbitrary eviction of a reputable university is a flagrant violation of academic freedom. It is a dark day for Europe and a dark day for Hungary.

CEU formally began its new Academic Year today, welcoming students, faculty, staff and distinguished guests with an Opening Ceremony at CEU’s Budapest campus. The event was held in the spirit of free inquiry, diversity, and open society that are the hallmarks of CEU.

Rector and President Michael Ignatieff welcomed close to 650 new students from more than 80 countries to the community of 1,300 students, hundreds of staff and faculty, and nearly 17,000 alumni worldwide.

The 2019/20 academic year is a year of transition for CEU, seeing first-year students spending time in both Vienna and Budapest. In the fall term, more than 300 U.S. degree students will have the opportunity to study in Vienna. The first cohort of Vienna-based students will begin their classes in Quellenstrasse on September 30.

Provost of Central European University Liviu Matei greeted the community first, stressing that this year will see students studying both in Vienna and Budapest, referencing Charles Dickens’s novel, A Tale of Two Cities. “We, members of the administration, faculty, and staff, can promise you, our incoming students, that we will try our best to make sure that yours will be the best of times, and not the worst of times, in Budapest and in Vienna. We can certainly guarantee that this will be a time of hope and not a time of despair.”

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